Chart don't show last 2 hour data, when added one else data source

I have in one chart 5 sensor data.
4 sensor data is missing from the end 2h,
when i delete this 5. sensor from chart everything is ok. data is shown

Hi @mortenx83,

Thanks for contacting us! I need a few more details so I can help you solve this issue.
The 5th sensor you mentioned is the Soojuspump, correct? Do the other 4 sensors have data available for the last 2 hours? I checked your public dashboard link and tried zooming in, but it seems to me that it simply has more values (data points) than the other sensor variables.

In the following Gif, I have zoomed in twice over your data points in the chart, and it seems like the 4 sensors have their last value at 10:08pm and the 5th sensor has the last value at 10:18pm.

Let me know if you have any more details or if this already helps you with this issue.

Yes you are correct. “Soojuspump” has more values (data every minute). Other have data every 15 minutes.
When zooming in this is ok.
But when zooming out like 24h why they(chart with fewer points) are not shown like last 2 hour?