Changing thousand and decimal separators at TagoRun

With just a few steps, TagoRun users (users that log in into your RUN application) can change the format of decimal separators in their own accounts.

For this example, let’s use this dashboard that has a few widgets with numbers.

Note that in the first image, the thousand separator is a dot and the decimal separator is a comma.

Let’s change the decimal separator to a dot.
To do so, click on your name on the corner, then on my account.

Go to the visualization preferences tab and select the decimal separator that you want and save.

Now, going back to the dashboard, note that the thousand separator is a comma and the decimal separator is a dot.

TIP: If the value is a string, for example: “1,112.23” the system will not apply the user settings in the visualization. So, my tip is to use Number format in the values of the data whenever possible.

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