Change Sigfox Downlink Value with a Toggle Button

I would like to develop a script that through the state of a button on the dashboard would change the value to be sent in the downlink, I tried to develop through the documentation but I couldn’t develop. It is possible? If so, could you give me an example? Thanks

Hi @gustavo.adono Welcome to our community!

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Hi @gustavo.adono,

Follow these steps to solve your question:
1- You need to create an analysis script needs to edit the value of the parameter downlinkData in your device. Use this example:
2 - Create a widget Button with your desired states and also configure this widget to call your analysis script. NOTE: You must use the variable name “form_payload” in your button widget, as expected in the downlink analysis script.

The downlink will be scheduled and it will be sent when TagoIO receives an uplink.

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Hi @eger,

Using the template you provide, I managed to make it work! Thanks for the quick response and the help!