Can dynamic table give me the result I'm looking for?

Hi everyone, I’m attempting to create a dashboard to show the devices of a particular type for a particular user so he/she can get a good overview of their sensors on one page, rather than individually selecting one at a time through the blueprint dashboard. I’m wondering whether a dynamic table could be filtered to show the last result for each device.
For example, a client has 7 level sensors. I would like to show in the table a column with the 7 device names in the first column, with the next column showing the last level, the next column showing the volume, and the last column showing the date/time of the recording.
Is this possible or do I need to go to the combining buckets into one scenario as per one of my previous posts here?

Hi @sevils,
If I understood correctly, you want to show last the value of all device options in a single Dynamic table, correct? If so, dynamic tables are not capable of doing that.

If you really want to pursue this idea I would recommend you to take a look in our Custom widget! It allows you to grab different devices and all sorts of data to create your own custom visualization.

Here is the documentation for the custom widget:
We also have a very nice tutorial on how it works: Custom Widget (iFrame)

Let me know if this was useful in any kind of way!

All the best,