Camera support Widgets to connect to a camera

hello guys, I was wondering if supports any camera system’s (ip cam or dvr)

Hi Christian, I too would be interested to know if this is possible (+1 from me). I would like to take an rstp:// feed if this is possible / somebody knows how to integrate.


Hey @christian and @kdamji!
Currently there is no way to integrate a live feed of a camera directly to TagoIO.

However, we do support youtube videos by using our Compose Widget (and in a near future by using our new blueprint video widget). What you could try to do is setup a live stream on youtube using your camera and then using the youtube link in our widget.

We have a working example of that in our Brooklyn Bridge dashboard, which is available by going to admin -> Explore -> NYC Bridge -> Install dashboard.

Let me know if you have any questions,

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Thanks for the feedback Matt