Bulk importing the devices

Hello all,
Is there any way to bulk-import a batch of the devices??, I am trying to add 20 MQTT devices with the same type but I have to do it one by one.

Hi @ali,

Although the possibility to export a batch of devices to another profile is indeed interesting, at the moment we only have the feature to add the devices one by one. I will rise up the idea to the Front-end development team.

Thank you.

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thanks, Guilherme, please update us when this feature is developed as creating the devices one by one for a large number of the devices is annoying.

I just wanted to share a few possible approaches, I was looking at implementing this as well but it ended up as very low priority.
You can create a Node JS script using the Tago SDK to create devices in a few different ways:

You can create a widget to input the data you need and follow the ‘Create devices using dashboard’ code snippet within analysis.

If all of them are unique and this creation will be done more than once, you can create a standardized .json format, put all of the device data within that file, read it in and create devices from it. This is the implementation I started, with the main use case being creation of 5-100+ unique devices of the same type. If you implement this as an analysis, you can accept file uploads and thus bulk creation within any dashboard :slightly_smiling_face:

If the devices are very similar you can get away with copy pasting a create device function with proper parameters, probably changing name. You can at least avoid the create device screens this way.

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Hi Andreas,
Thanks for your answer.
Do you have any sample standardized .json format using for devices, that you created?

Hi @ali
Here is the basic .json I ended up with, it basically assumes that all devices will be the same with different names; it’s easy to check for additional parameters to override the universal within each device though. Maybe you can tell that I like having as many parameters as possible in external files, I find it much easier to edit an external file than digging through code later on!

“tagoSettings”: {
“accountToken”: “00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000”
“universalDeviceParameters”: {
“serie_start”: “”,
“active”: “”,
“connector”: “”,
“description”: “”,
“tags”: [""],
“visible”: “”
“devices”: [
“name”: “deviceA”

Edit: Just wanted to note that the actual format isn’t important as long as the data is there and you read it properly.

Thanks Andreas,
Will test the scripts and come back to you.

A tutorial on this was just released recently: How to upload a bulk of Devices with CSV File - How to - TagoIO Community