Bug in formula for image widget

We have an image being created on a server:


The filename is being stored on tago:
variable: filename
value: d5923561-5842-4489-88f2-983829d7ea78.jpg

My formula in an image widget is:


However the output URL is actually:


Somehow there’s an extra “https” being tacked on the front.

If I use the same formula in a table widget and make it a link, the string comes out correctly:


Note - this specific server cannot serve https data, only http

Is this a bug? Or is there a workaround? Or am I doing something wrong?!

EDIT: Adding a little more…

Similarly - if I pass a complete URL to the image widget:

variable: filename
value: http://www.myserver.com/data/d5923561-5842-4489-88f2-983829d7ea78.jpg

And remove the formula completely (so it’s just pulling filename from the blueprint) nothing shows up in the widget at all. However the tabular version does show the correct URL and is clickable.

Hello @graemerae

You can’t use an image that is stored in an HTTP server in our widgets, because our SSL/HTTPS does not let you get files from a server that is not also a SSL/HTTPS. In the table widget, it works because we are only showing you the link and not getting anything of it.

I truly recommend in your case use TagoIO’s File System. Also if you want to work in a script to upload this image automatic you can use the TagoIO’s SDK, with the Analysis.

I hope this helps you.
Regards Filipe.