Broken icons in map (works for a few days, then mysteriously shows broken icon image)


Not sure if this is the proper place for the question but couldn’t find anything in my search.

I have uploaded .svg icon files for my GPS-tracked devices to the “Files” section of Tago. I used the “Copy URL” button and used that to get the icon to show up on the map. Everything works great for a couple days and then mysteriously, it stops working (displays broken image). I can still see the the icon image in “Files” but trying to paste the URL again doesn’t work. If I delete the file and re-upload, get the URL and use that… it’s back to normal. Is there something I’m doing wrong? Any ideas?



Hi @trothoehler! Welcome to our community!

I suggest you open a ticket reporting this issue as it seems to be a bug. Through the ticket system, we can investigate what might be causing this. You can open a ticket using this link: Support Center

If you have any additional questiions , we’ll be glad to help you.

Best regards,

Phil Gutierre
Cutomer Support

Thanks for the suggestion Phil… it seems to be working normally now so will keep an eye on it.



Ey @trothoehler,

Good to know! Feel free to contact our Support whenever needed. We’ll be glad to help you.

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Phil Gutierre
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