Blueprint dashboard slow performance


For the past ~1month, all shudently, we are facing severe preformance problems while viewing the blueprint dashboard 5fa94ddd45c241002da2a3d1. Windows10-Chrome may take >20sec to refresh and quite ofthen the error “Page unresponsive. Do you want to wait or close?” pops-up. Similar slow response is expirienced in IOS app.

Nothing has changed from our side (except more sensor data have been accumulated). The non-blueprint dashboard 5f9dc5424f412500263d73a8 is working fine though. What could be the cause?

Thank you

Hi @apel,

Could you please, close your TagoRUN app and try again?
If the errors persists, please send me a screenshot.


Not sure how to screenshot a slow refresh, but you can reproduce the problem if you visit
and select device NenaHP (TTN). You should be able to see the below dashboard, scroll, etc without the browser to become unresponsive.

Let me know if you need me to clarify more.


ok, another screenshot with the pop-up shown.

Hey @apel
Wich widgets you have in this dashboard, by the screenshot I can see a Map and a Dynamic Table, anything else? Do you know how many pins your map has?
I intend to do some test here with a similar environment, I do not have access at your dashboard by the link and I don’t want to have it, because your sensitive data do not concern at me, but I’m still trying to help you.

Thanks Filipe.


I have 15 widgets in total, as shown below:

1 x Dynamic Table
1 x Map
3 x Anglulat gagues
5 x Displays
4 x Cards
1 x Icon

It is hard to count the current number of pins, but when I entirely delete the Map widget the page becomes responsive again. Similar improvement when I reduce the Maximum number of points to be displayed per variable in the Map from 500 to say 100, or when I reduce the Maximum rows to be displayed in the dynamic table from 5000 to 100. Do you think the default values are too high? It seems that the (remarkable so far) performance drops dramatically if we exceed some kind of limit in the number of sensor data…

Thank you in advance

In the Map widget, in the Visual section, there is an option to Group Nearby Markers, try to use that and tell me if the performance has increased, with the maximum number of points.

I don’t think it affects usability, it just will group the markers nearby and will not render the markers that are not shown when zooming.


Overall performance improved further by grouping nearby markers, still, browser-tab freeze (most noticeable during scroll) is not uncommon even if I entirely delete the map widget.

I believe the problem lies into the dynamin table and not in the map widget, because if I delete the table screen refresh is always smooth. Currently, the Maximum rows to be displayed is only 100. What else can I optimize?

Thank you