Blueprint Dashboard for multiple types of devices datas


I have the following situation where there was a migration from normal dashboards to blueprint dashboards. But my devices send different data from each other.

Even using tags to identify the type of data that the meter sends, how could I filter this data within the same dashboard?

I would not want the widget to have “No data available” as it currently is. I couldn’t find a way to perform this filter.

Without creating a shortcut in tago run for each different dashboard for each gauge, I would like it to be possible to show in the same dashboard.

Some examples, and the same would apply to graphics. And one more point, some meters have other variables, which are not being shown, as these meters have more than 70 types of measurements and from these, up to 20 can be configured for sending.


hi @artur.cordeiro,

The BP dashboard is a default template for showing the device that matches with BP config. You can’t render different widgets for the selected device.

In your case, you will need to create a BP dashboard and print the devices that match with the right BP.

See here the full Blueprint dashboard documentation.