Auto Run Video from analysis

Hi Everyone

I have set up a dashboard with several Tabs. One being Videos. I have set up a video widget to auto play when a variable in the bucket is set true. This works fine when you are on the Videos tab. However i would like the video to play no matter where you are…even if you are on the main tab and the application is minimized. I thought that i could use the same variable that triggers the auto video play to also open the Videos tab using a link in an analysis.
I cannot get this to work, see below the section of analysis script where i am trying to open the Videos tab:

context.log (videoplayVariable[0].value); //confirms variable set to true
if (videoplayVariable[0].value == true){"****************?tab=6");//Link to Videos Tab on the Dashboard

Appreciate any help.

Hi @flaxies that is a good question. Not sure if possible.
@gustavo you worked with this Video Widget before. What is your recommendation for Steven?

Hi @flaxies, is in a browser context only see here - Web APIs | MDN . As the analysis is running on a server, we can’t use it. And that explains also why that’s not possible, we dont have access to the browser context in an analyse.

Hi @guilhermeco

I’m trying to get an alarm to go off when a notification is received. Something that the user has to physically switch off or reset and as there is no music/file player widget i thought i could hack the video widget to do this but as this is not possible do you gave any suggestions how i could do this.


Hi @flaxies
I think you can use the condition of the video widget available on the blueprint and in your analysis you activate this condition with some variable, but the widget needs to be on the same dashboard.

Hi @flaxies,
Since there is no widget available for this, you will need to move ahead by creating a custom widget. It is not hard to do and only need some html, css and javascript knowledge.

Check the instructions here: Custom Widget (iFrame) - How to / Dashboards - TagoIO Community

That way you can trigger some sound when some data is sent to a device.