API - only data externalisation?

Hi Tago Team,
please let us know if your API allows only to externalise data from Tago or could we also handle through it the modifications of paramaters for Action Triggers at Tago?

Please find a print screen of the Action & Trigger tab.
Marked are 8 fields that we would like to modify from the perspective of an external system connected with Tago by API.

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Yes, the API does allow to do that.

You should be able to create, edit, delete and get information about an action through the Restful API, but currently there are no documentation about the JSON structure of the actions.
That means you will need to change the action using the admin, and then check what was changed using the GET route of the API, until you figure out what you need to do to achieve the same results.

The API route for action is: GET/POST https://api.tago.io/action and GET/DELETE/PUT to https://api.tago.io/action/{action ID} respectively.