Analysis region

When the Analysis starts the log shows this message:

TagoIO-SDK: No region or env defined, using fallback as usa-1.

So I guess that may be possible to define the Analysis to run in Brazil, but I can’t find any documentation about it.

When I trigger an Analysis from an Input Form, sometimes I get 5 to 10 seconds delay before I get back the first Analysis response on the Validation field in the Input Form.
I think this may be improved by running the Analysis here in Brazil. It’s possible?

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The region parameter is only in the SDK for future support on different regions. Currently, the only region supported by TagoIO is usa-1.

It is normal to get delayed notification if it is the first time the analysis is running. But after first run, it is not expected much delay. Did you check the performance of your code on how much time it takes to get to the validation lines ?

Ok, thanks Vitor!

About the performance, yes, the code only makes a few tests to check the environment variables, get the device token, check if the input form variables are present, and then I send the validation variable text to give the user feedback that the processing is started.

I repeated the tests and now it’s normal, takes about one second to the Analysis to start running and one more second to get the first validation message back on the dashboard.

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