Allowing run users to move and resize widgets

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how you can set up the permission to enable widget movement and resize for your TagoRUN users, to do so, we are going to use the access management.

With the access management, you can add policies that control which dashboards your users can see and what they can do.

Go to the Access Management and add a policy.

Inform the Policy name and set up the targets for this policy.
After you fill the target fields you need to set up the permissions. Click to add a new permission.

You can allow or deny permissions, it is the same configuration for both, however, in this example, I’ll only set up an allow permission for this policy.
By default, some fields are automatically filled.

The logic is:

Allow > what? > dashboards >

how? > with rules (select the rule) > with field (select the field, e. g. Tag) >

when? > Equal to > Select a tag Key (it is the widget tag), and inform the tag value (it is the value from widget tag)

TIP: There are only two rules that you can select, and by default access always come selected. Below is the difference between the rule options: Access and Arrangement:

RULE Explanation
Access Allows users to see your dashboard
Arrangement Allows users to move and resize your widget

After you set up the permissions, just click to save the access policy. Then your run users will be able to move and resize the widgets.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, please leave your comments below.