Adding Dragino LGT92 with Everynet

Here is a quick tutorial showing how to add a GPS Dragino LGT92 LoRaWAN device with Everynet in your account. I am assuming that the device uses the OTAA to join the network (default).

First go to your TagoIO account, and if this is your first device connected between Everynet and TagoIO, you will need to create an Authorization here , and copy it to use at Everynet later. Note: you just need to create one Authorization for all your devices.

Now, make sure you have the keys for your device that is shipped with it (image below), and go to your account at Everynet.
At the Everynet portal, create a device following by enter the keys and the selections shown below:

Create a filter (if you don’t have one yet):

Then, create a connection (if you don’t have one yet).
In the Parameters list, paste the Filter ID from the previous filter that you just created.
Use this for the Application URL:{type}
Paste the Authorization you created in the first step at TagoIO into the Authorization Header field.

One last setup step: if you just created your first Authorization, you will need to update your Authorization advanced fields at TagoIO using the Connection ID above.
To do so, just go to your account at TagoIO, under Devices/Authorization, and update the field. Edit the Authorization that you created for Everynet and enter the fields: region;connection_ID. The most common regions are eu, us, and atc. Paste the connection ID from your Everynet account.

Now, you just need to Add the Device in your TagoIO account.
Go to Devices/Everynet/LGT92. Enter a name for the device and the EUI - you can use the QR code to capture the EUI !

Done! Just turn your device on, and you will see data arriving in your new dashboard.
If data doesn’t show up in your TagoIO account (use the Live Inspector tab in your Device to see data arriving), make sure you can see data in your Everynet portal first, and check the keys and the configuration.