Action - Sending an SMS alert when a variable is Trigged

The Action could be set up in three different ways: using Variables, using Resources, and using Schedules. In this tutorial, I’m going to send an SMS to my customer when the temperature variable is greater than 20 °C.
First, go to Action and click on the button + Add Action.
Now we need to inform the Action name and select the Type of trigger that you need, in this case, I’m going to use the Variable, and select the Type of action that you want.

TIP: We use the Trigger type Trigger by Variable when we want to execute an Action it will be triggered when a variable meets certain conditions.

Now we need to select the Device and set up our Trigger. I’m going to use the condition: IF temperature IS Less than 21 °C The Action will be triggered, and I will receive an alert via SMS.

TIP: I don’t want to receive an SMS every time that the temperature is greater than 20 °C, so I lock the Action by switching the Trigger Unlock.
However, I set up a condition to Unlock it: IF temperature IS Less than 21 °C.
This means that after I receive an SMS my Action will be locked, and when my temperature is less than 21 °C, my Action will be unlocked.

TIP: To fill the Phone number field you must inform de country code and the area code.

On the Message field, I add the variable, by using the VALUE to get the temperature number, and the UNIT to get the number unit.

To test it I use the Device Emulator to send data, as you can see on the image below:

Then I received an SMS on my phone:

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