Accesing data from external sources - TagoBuilder issue

I tried the Analysis-Builder to get a script that accesses Azure SQL. However I was getting a runtime error when the generated script was uploaded. I have opened a support ticket however, it would really be helpful if a detailed working example of accessing external DB is provided.

I tried to follow along the documentation:

But this contains a broken link:
More instructions on how TagoIO-Builder works and what you’re able to do can be found clicking here.

Also, on Windows, the Analysis-Builder is not automatically on the path.


It really seems to be missing some information.

In order for the analysis-builder to be added on the path, you need to install it globally:

npm i -g @tago-io/builder

Then you can call it from your terminal

analysis-builder myAnalysis.js

The analysis-builder works with the majority of the packages available in the NPM. If yours is not working, I would need you to send a screenshot of the errors you’re receiving so we can check.

Hi All

I installed the @tago-io/builder package with no errors (only Warnings) but I found the message “bash: analysis-builder: command not found”. I tried on another console program but the result is the same. See the following snapshot:

hi @ricardo.tozetto, it’s look like a problem with npm link, check your node.js installation. Usually that problem is related to Windows Variables Environment.

Hi @felipefdl
I’m currently using another npm packages and executing node.js scripts in the same machine, so hardly would be a problem with Node installation. How Can I check the Win Environment Variables? Last week I tried to execute Builder on another machine (Mac) that I already used to compress other archives with no success too.


You can try to use our builder in beta version, it’s use another backend system to create a build

npm i -g @tago-io/builder@beta

Also, you can run the command with another alias:

tago-builder myAnalysis.js

I believe it is a windows env problem, because on your screenshot says:
bash: … command not found

if you try to run a random command like: aaaaa tago.js, you will get same error, because the software aaaaa is not exists on you machine.

That kind of error is pretty normal on Windows machine, using MINGW64. But we have clients running without problem on same platform. Probably the solution will be add npm package folder on your windows env as you can see online.

Also, I recommend you use Windows Terminal with WSL-2

It’s by far the best way to run nodejs, python, and others terminal system.

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Hi @felipefdl

I tested on another Win machine, with PATH open to edit and it works. Now I’m trying to Add the npm installation directory to Windows PATH system variables. I only need a admin access from my network admin to complete this task.