Accesing data from external sources - TagoBuilder issue

I tried the Analysis-Builder to get a script that accesses Azure SQL. However I was getting a runtime error when the generated script was uploaded. I have opened a support ticket however, it would really be helpful if a detailed working example of accessing external DB is provided.

I tried to follow along the documentation:

But this contains a broken link:
More instructions on how TagoIO-Builder works and what you’re able to do can be found clicking here.

Also, on Windows, the Analysis-Builder is not automatically on the path.


It really seems to be missing some information.

In order for the analysis-builder to be added on the path, you need to install it globally:

npm i -g @tago-io/builder

Then you can call it from your terminal

analysis-builder myAnalysis.js

The analysis-builder works with the majority of the packages available in the NPM. If yours is not working, I would need you to send a screenshot of the errors you’re receiving so we can check.