3rd party library use in analysis

Hi everyone

If i use a 3rd party library in my analysis do i need to add the library somewhere? If so where do i put it and how do it?


I am trying to use the example as shown here https://community.tago.io/t/implementing-an-analysis-to-notify-when-a-device-is-inside-of-a-geofence/617 but it fails when trying to check if the device is in a point geofence. I suspect that this could be because it does not find the “geolib” library.

Any help appriciated

TagoIO supports geolib library internally by default. So you don’t have to do anything in order to use it on your analysis.

If you want to use other 3rd libraries, you will need to setup the Node.JS in your local machine and use tago-builder to generate a file with the compiled library.
You can check more on this here: Running Analysis as External using Node.JS - TagoIO

About the error on the geofence, can you send the content of your analysis console?